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Worldwide Harvesting Export

Persian Harvest has five years of experience in exporting and cooperating with traders and producers of agricultural products around the world. Our head office is in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Due to the four-season nature of our country and the fertility of its soil, we can benefit from the blessings of diverse and high-quality agricultural products throughout the year. We are trying to deliver delicious products to you without you needing to go somewhere else to source, sort, pack, store, and transport your product. The range of Persian Harvest products includes more than 30 different agricultural products, focusing on four main categories.

Is the quality and variety of your products the most important to you, or is the ease of the process of placing an order until the delivery of the products? We are trying that after the first cooperation, you will introduce us to your relatives with these two attributes.


You may need different services along the way. We have considered our service chain as wide as possible so that you do not have to go elsewhere to complete your order process. We will go all the way together.


At the beginning of our journey, we put all the commitments we give you on paper to be our guide during the period of our cooperation with you.


Product Supply

In collaboration with specialist suppliers, we make it possible for you to have access to a wide range of first-class products throughout the year.



Sometimes the products you order need to be sorted. In this case, just let us know so that this step can be done for you according to your needs.



The packaging of your products can be different according to the volume of products and your target market. We also make it possible for you to take a positive step towards branding your business by customizing the packaging and inserting your logo.


Health Certificate

You may need to be more sure of the health of the purchased products for your peace of mind or for your customers. We provide you with the possibility of providing product health certificates from the most reliable laboratories in Iran.



With the availability of different air, land, sea, or combined routes for transportation, you can determine the cost, time, and method of transporting your product yourself.



At Persian Harvest, we offer more than 30 different products. Due to the high variety of products and your easier access, we have divided the products into four general categories. each category containing related subcategories.


Today, everyone knows about the many medicinal properties of garlic. In addition to its nutritional properties, garlic, and its various products are used as an efficient spice in many dishes due to its spicy and unique taste.

Fresh Garlic, Cold Storage Garlic, White Garlic, Red Garlic, Organic Shallot Plaque, Garlic Flakes, Human Garlic Powder, Animal Garlic Powder


This category is where nutritional properties come together with lovely tastes. Juicy sweet apples, nutritious bananas, and vitamin-rich citrus fruits show a variety of tastes in the category of fruits.

Watermelon, Kiwi, Melon, Orange, Tangerine, Banana, Red Apple


Here you can find all kinds of fresh and quality vegetables. From leafy greens like lettuce to colorful peppers and greenhouse crops.

Lettuce, Celery, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Green Bell Peppe, Colored Bell Pepper, Bulbous Eggplant, Greenhouse Tomato, Cucumber


In this section, you can see a collection of nutritious nuts and seeds that can be consumed as a healthy and nutritious snack throughout the day or added to various dishes and desserts.

Mazafati Date, Piarom Date, Zahedi Date, Kalote Date, Raisins, Pistachio


It is necessary to pay more attention to freshness and hygiene in this category than in other categories. This category includes all types of red and white meat. All products are carefully packed to reach you with the best quality.

The products have the best taste and the highest nutritional value at the peak of the harvest season. At Persian Harvest, we have designed a calendar that shows the different months of the year along with some of the products available in each period of the year. This calendar will help you easily find out about access to fresh and high-quality foods at any time of the year so that you can enjoy their natural taste.

Exported Countries

Here at Persian Harvest, we have the expertise, global networks and consumer insights to manage the process from breeding to commercialization and maximize benefits for growers, producers, marketers and consumers.