About Persian Harvest

Worldwide Harvesting Export

Who we are ...

Persian Harvest has five years of experience in exporting and cooperating with traders and producers of agricultural products around the world.

Our head office is in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Due to the four-season nature of our country and the fertility of its soil, we can benefit from the blessings of diverse and high-quality agricultural products throughout the year. We are trying to deliver delicious products to you without you needing to go somewhere else to source, sort, pack, store, and transport your product.

The range of Persian Harvest products includes more than 30 different agricultural products, focusing on four main categories. You may need different services along the way. We have considered our service chain as wide as possible so that you do not have to go elsewhere to complete your order process. We will go all the way together.

Here at Persian Harvest, we have the expertise, global networks and consumer insights to manage the process from breeding to commercialization and maximize benefits for growers, producers, marketers and consumers.

Our final destination

Our ideal at Persian Harvest is that our name is synonymous with the word “easiness” in your mind. This ease can be related to your order registration process; Or it can be due to the diversity of our integrated products and services. But perhaps more important than any issue, ease of trust and introduction by you to others is our ultimate goal.